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What are the Most Important Items Roofers Check when Inspecting Your Roofing System in Galveston, TX?

The roof is one of the prime elements to any structure and with the immediate exposure to the elements and abuse it takes, the roof often requires more maintenance and repairs than the rest of the home. After enduring harsh winters, heavy rains, brutal snow storms, intense summer rays, and other inflictions, it is important…

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Most Common Types of Roofing Repairs in League City, TX; Improper Installation of Flashing, Roof Leaks & More

A roof shields the home from the sun, rain and wind, which will eventually lead to some roof damages. It is important as a homeowner to recognize when your roof needs repair. Neglecting even a small roofing problem can lead to a major issue and even require a total roof replacement prematurely. To ensure your…

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Signs Your Roof Needs to Be Replaced in Sugar Land, TX; Aging Roofs, Damage to Roofing Shingles & More

In addition to birds and other wildlife destroying the roof with their daily habits and behavior, roofs are subject to a lot of various elements; from weather conditions, water, mildew, algae, beating sun, and mold damage, and even blunt force if a tree or limb falls on the roof. Should you invest in routinely scheduled…

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Why a Complete Tear Off & Roofing Replacement is Much Better Choice than a Roof Overlay in The Woodlands, TX!

When a homeowner’s roof needs to be replaced, they will have two options to choose from. A licensed roofing contractor will recommend removing the old roof entirely and replacing the whole roofing system with new materials while some home improvement contractors may offer to overlay a new layer of shingles right over the top of…

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Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding in Pasadena, TX; Durable, Fire Resistant, Good Investment, Low Maintenance & More

When the exterior of your home could use a little remodeling, consider adding fiber cement board siding. There are a number of benefits when using fiber cement siding. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration would like to share the basics about fiber cement board siding and tell you about some of the many benefits that comes…

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Will Home Insurance Pay for a Roofing Replacement in Conroe, TX? Is Roof Due to Neglect, Acts of Nature or Other?

When a homeowner is facing a desperate need for roof replacement, many will look to their homeowners insurance policy to see if their insurance will help cover the cost. When reading your insurance policy it can get pretty confusing to say the least. This leaves some homeowners with more questions than answers. In most cases…

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