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Roof Flashing is Part of the Weather Resistant Barrier System to Protect Against Home Water Damage in Channelview, TX

There are many elements that optimize its efficiency when it comes to the roof. The overall condition is better preserved when each aspect is performing a specific function. Though this is necessary, many find it overwhelming when it comes to the various components of the roof. In order to help familiarize you with your rooftop,…

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Common Roofing Problems in Atascocita, TX; Repairs to Fix Damaged or Missing Roof Shingles & More

Spring and summer is the time people typically tackle their outdoor home improvement projects. One of the most neglected tasks people sometimes don’t think about is roof repair. After enduring the harsh conditions of winter and taking a pounding of spring showers along with the wear and tear of time, it’s no surprise your roof…

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Will My Roof Leak in a Shingle is Missing? How Do You Fix Roofing Shingles that have Fallen Off in Texas City, TX?

For homes that use shingle style roofs it becomes a common sight to see missing shingles from time to time. A few missing shingle may not seem like a major issue. However, if left unattended too long, it can and often does lead to major problems. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration would like to share…

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Roofing Facts in Rosenberg, TX; When to Replace Flashing, Why You Can’t Put a New Layer of Shingles Over Old & More

The roof is one of the biggest and most necessary elements of your home, yet it is often the most overlooked. Once the roof starts to leak, homeowners are reminded roofs require maintenance and care. Like most aspects of life, roofing has many misconceptions and myths that surround it. With that in mind, we at…

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What are the Most Important Items Roofers Check when Inspecting Your Roofing System in Galveston, TX?

The roof is one of the prime elements to any structure and with the immediate exposure to the elements and abuse it takes, the roof often requires more maintenance and repairs than the rest of the home. After enduring harsh winters, heavy rains, brutal snow storms, intense summer rays, and other inflictions, it is important…

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