Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding in Pasadena, TX; Durable, Fire Resistant, Good Investment, Low Maintenance & More

When the exterior of your home could use a little remodeling, consider adding fiber cement board siding. There are a number of benefits when using fiber cement siding. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration would like to share the basics about fiber cement board siding and tell you about some of the many benefits that comes with this exterior siding material.

What is Fiber Cement Board Siding?

Fiber cement is a mixture of cellulose fibers, sand, and cement that is pre-molded and sold in different styles, colors and designs. Fiber cement has become a popular choice for house siding because of its durability and variety. Many homeowners that are looking for an alternative to vinyl or wood siding, are now using fiber cement board siding.

Why is Fiber Cement Siding Such a Good Exterior Cladding Choice?

Durable – Fiber cement is an extremely durable material that can last decades. Once installed the homeowner has very little worry about maintenance throughout the seasons, unlike wood. Additionally, wood is vulnerable to moisture and pest damage from termites, carpenter ants, or carpenter bees. Fiber cement is able to withstand hail storms and general outdoor elements. Other than the occasional need to repaint to maintain the appearance of the fiber cement, it doesn’t require any other maintenance.
Fire Resistant – Since fiber cement is made from sand and a cement-fiber like resin, the material isn’t flammable. Regardless of solar exposure and contact to fire, fiber cement boar siding can repel fires. However this doesn’t mean your entire home is fire proof. However, the fiber cement gives some added protection from external combustion.
Sustainable – When manufacturing fiber cement siding there is little to no waste. Most of the ingredients used to create this material are recycled materials. Fiber cement boarding siding is also asbestos-free and non-toxic. It doesn’t do any harm to your home or the environment, which makes it a great product to use.
Wood, Brick, Tile or Stone Look – Fiber cement board siding comes in various thickness, coloring, and designs. The siding can be made to imitate wood paneling, brick, tile and stone surfaces. It can be made with a traditional, natural or a modern look, which adds to the charm of any home. The fiber cement can be easily painted to fit the desired look. Fiber cement siding just makes every home look amazing.
Increase Home Value – Most people may be somewhat concerned over the price of the material and installation when switching to fiber cement siding. However consider all of the benefits: it’s durable, lasts for years, and doesn’t require regular or frequent maintenance. It provides a wide arrange of designs and improves the overall look of your home. Most consider its durability as the biggest plus. Fiber cement will endure for years unless physically damaged from a strong, outside impact. Once it’s been installed you may never need to worry about replacing your home siding again. For so many homeowners, fiber cement is a worthwhile investment.

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