What Does Storm Damage to a Roof Look Like in The Woodlands, TX? Blistering, Tree Branch Crashing Through & More

The roof of your home is the primary structure which shields you and your family from the outside elements that often come pounding down on your home. Rain, hail and wind are all examples of weather that can damage your roof. A well-built roof is designed to withstand the forces of nature and protect you, your family and all of your belongings. Severe storms and extreme winter weather can take a serious toll on your roof over a course of time.

How Do I Know if I have Ice Damming?

A common example of winter roof damage is ice damming. Ice damming occurs when a thin layer of snow freezes close to the drain pipes near the roof, this will cause the melting snow to pool up and seep underneath and between the shingles of the roof. Ice dams can form if the gutters of the home have not been properly cleaned. Another result of ice damming is that the weight of the ice on the rain gutters can actually be heavy enough to pull the gutters down, or make them sag. This will cause poor drainage, even if there is no blockage inside of the drain.

Hail Can Cause Blistering Roof Damage

Hail storms are responsible for a large amount of roof damage. Hail storms can be extremely damaging due to the size and density of the hail that is striking the asphalt shingles. The hail chunks will leave divots in the shingles that over time will eventually become weak spots along the surface of the roof. These spots will prove to be troublesome when the next rain or snow storm comes along, especially if the divots have created empty space between the shingles, allowing water to leak through those areas. A steady hard rain that lasts for days will cause damage to your roof if there are areas for the water to seep through. Hail happens to be the greatest contributor to any form of roofing damage.

Can a Roof Withstand a Tree Falling on It?

One of the most frightening causes of roof damage that is related to severe weather is when a tree falls due to the severity of the weather and crashes onto or through your roof. This can be a very dangerous situation given that your roof may continue to crack or collapse so it is important to leave your home and call in a professional immediately. Do not ever attempt to inspect your roof after this type of damage, it is very dangerous and requires the experience and skills of a professional.

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If your home has been damaged by a severe storm, contact us for a professional roof inspection. Skyline Designs Roofing & Restoration will repair your roof and ensure that it will be the reliable shield between you and the elements that it is meant to be.

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